Comprehensive Veterinary Care & Services In Asbury Park, NJ

City by the Sea Veterinary offers a wide range of pet care services that you can take advantage of if your pet is not feeling well. We offer vaccines, surgery, dentistry, parasite prevention, parasite removal, and a few other pet care services. No matter what service you need, our team of vets can help to improve your pet’s health in a reasonable amount of time.

If you would like to learn more about an individual service, you can find the information below.

Comprehensive veterinary care & services in Asbury Park, NJ



Let’s face it: we probably over-vaccinate our pets in this country. However, some vaccines (for example, Rabies) are required by law. We can’t do anything about that. And not vaccinating your pets not only puts them at risk but it puts everyone, including us, at major risk for communicable diseases. We don’t want that. That’s why we offer both vaccine boosters and vaccine antibody testing for pets. Our veterinarians won’t pressure you into vaccinating just because. If your pet lives in an endemic area or is at-risk we will recommend the best vaccines to prevent the most common diseases found in your area.

We follow the standards set forth by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) for vaccine guidelines in cats and dogs. Take the lifestyle-based vaccine calculator to learn what vaccines you should consider for your pet.

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City by the Sea Veterinary offers pet microchipping service to pet owners in Asbury Park, NJ. One of the best reasons to get your dog or cat microchipped is so they can be found if they become lost or stolen. We want to educate you about how the microchipping process works and some additional reasons it’s a good idea.

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Parasites are very common and should be treated as soon as possible. At City By The Sea Veterinary Hospital, we use the safest and easiest medications to give to your pets and tailor it to your pet’s lifestyle. Ask your veterinarian which is best for your pet! To learn more about fleas, ticks and other parasites check out our pet health library!

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Does your pet have bad breath? Unfortunately, this big red flag is just the tip of the iceberg. The real concern is below the gum line, unseen by the naked eye. Periodontal (“around the teeth”) disease and infections below the gum line are serious causes of pain, affecting how your pet eats and causing drooling, bleeding and pain. If left untreated dental disease may progress to an infection that affects distant organs (heart, liver, kidneys, and others) and may even be life-threatening!

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Always at the forefront of emerging treatments that benefit our patients, City by the Sea Veterinary Hospital provides natural pet therapy in the form of animal acupuncture at our Asbury Park, NJ animal hospital. Acupuncture is a well-known practice that has helped countless individuals seeking alternative medicine to treat pain over the centuries. Recently, pet parents have begun turning to animal acupuncture to manage their pets’ pain. While it may not be suitable for every pet or every situation, we do find pet acupuncture to be enjoyed – or at least tolerated – by many of our furry patients. Contact us today to explore the advantages of alternative medicine for animals!

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Did your veterinarian recommend a surgical procedure? Nervous about your pet undergoing anesthesia? While unpredictable events are possible during anesthesia, these events are very uncommon. In healthy pets, anesthesia is very safe, but close monitoring of the anesthetized pet is essential. That’s why at City By The Sea Vet every heartbeat and respiration is monitored very closely so that finite adjustments can be made if necessary and immediate intervention can take place if complications arise. Our state-of-the-art anesthesia monitoring equipment is capable of recording several parameters during the procedure.

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Our hospital has regular business hours, but if you have an emergency or a question that can’t wait until the next business day, give us a call. Our staff checks our voicemail regularly day and night and if your pet needs urgent care we will make every attempt to return your call in a timely manner. If your pet cannot wait, or you do not hear from us – please do not wait but consider bringing your pet to Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls, NJ (732) 361-4837.

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House Call Services

Can’t make it into the hospital? Give us a call.

Currently our hospital is only offering very limited house-call services, but we are happy to discuss which services we can help your pet with.

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