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Pet Behavior

Understanding Cat & Dog Behavior

City By The Sea Veterinary Hospital is a trusted choice for pet behavior solutions in Asbury Park, NJ. Our practice helps pet owners equip themselves with the tools and knowledge to improve their pet’s behavior. We’ll educate you on why your pet acts and behaves, helping you and your furry friend to enjoy your lives more.

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What Does My Pet’s Behavior Mean?

The reason your pet acts and behaves the way it does can be caused by various issues. Animal psychology is as complex and diverse as human psychology. While animals experience happiness and joy, they can also experience mental health effects like anger, fear, and aggression.

Also, like humans, animal behavior can range from moderate to severe. Some pets might only need some simple training to adjust their behavior, while others require medication and advanced therapy. Acknowledging that pets act and behave in specific ways for a reason is crucial to pet owners in finding the proper help.

Fortunately, pet behavior can be observed, assessed, and diagnosed. A vet can perform physical and mental exams to form treatment plans and remedy poor pet behavior.

However, many pet owners dismiss their pet’s behavior issues, excusing them as the product of a bad dog or a bad cat. Some owners overlook their pet’s behavior because they don’t want to spend time, and money or be inconvenienced trying to fix the situation.

Many pet owners can relate to this viewpoint, but the truth is reducing a pet’s motivations will make their behavior worse or keep it the same. If your pet only knows specific ways of behaving, they’ll need an intervention to correct their behaviors.  

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Are Pet Behavior Problems common?

Yes, absolutely. Even the most well-behaved pets can disobey or engage in naughty behavior. Most of these behaviors involve minor disobedience, such as barking, digging, or light scratching.

However, some pets act out in more extreme, damaging, or aggressive ways that their owners should be concerned about. If this sounds like your pet, we recommend consulting with our veterinarians to find a treatment plan.

Common Types of Pet Behavior

As stated previously, most pets—even the well-behaved ones—engage in undesirable behaviors at some point. Though many of these behaviors are annoying, they can be remedied with formal obedience training. If your pet is young enough, it may simply grow out of these behaviors or lose interest over time.

However, if you notice your kitten or puppy developing new behavior changes, we recommend seeking help.

Common pet behaviors include:

  • Excessive digging or barking.
  • Destructive chewing on furniture or items.
  • Pulling on leashes while walking.
  • Jumping.
  • Urinating or defecating in inappropriate areas.
  • Excessive humping.
  • Refusing to comply with commands.
  • Clawing or nipping with their teeth.

What Are Severe Pet Behavior Issues?

If your pet engages in more difficult behavior that basic obedience does not remedy, you’ll need professional help.

Your pet’s behavioral issues may indicate that your pet is chronically afraid or panicked. Professional treatment can help you and your pet live a happy and healthy life.

We’re specially trained to work with animals who engage in the following behavioral problems:

  • Severe aggression towards humans, other animals, or property and items.
  • Generalized or separation anxiety that inconveniences life.
  • Compulsion or obsessiveness with a particular unhealthy activity.
  • Excessive physical harm such as over scratching and biting.
  • Sudden, prolonged bouts of panic.

Here’s How We Can Help

If you’re concerned about your pet’s behavior, you’re not alone. Countless pet owners face similar worries every day. That’s why we’re here to help.

You can schedule an appointment for your pet’s behavior with our caring, compassionate veterinarians. We’ll evaluate your pet’s mental and physical health, carefully analyzing them to determine what the cause of their behavior is. From there, we can make a diagnosis and form an effective behavior modification plan that addresses the issue directly.

You deserve a well-behaved, loving pet and your pet deserves a happier and fuller life. We’ll take care of you and your pet so you can move on and enjoy each other’s companionship.

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