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Importance Of Pets Dental Health

Experienced Veterinary Pet Health Care in Asbury Park, NJ

Why Do Pets Need Dental Care? 

City By The Sea Veterinary Hospital offers the highest level of pet dental health care for your dog and cat in Asbury Park, NJ. Dog dental health care is important to help prevent gum disease that can lead to even bigger problems. Like humans, pets form plaque and bacteria on their teeth. The main difference is that gum disease is five times more common in dogs than in people. If the build-up isn’t removed, the plaque will create tartar. Tartar irritates your pet’s gums, causing redness, inflammation, and gingivitis. Plaque and tartar can even lead to pets losing their teeth. Dental care is essential for taking care of this problem before it becomes a bigger issue. We can help your dog or cat get the best possible dental care.

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Addressing Pet Dental Disease

Dental or periodontal disease in dogs and cats affects their gums, teeth, and support structure in their mouth. A small plaque build-up on teeth filled with bacteria and tiny food particles can lead to big problems. Pet dental disease occurs when plaque and tartar remain on the tooth’s surface. When tartar is above the gum line, it is easily removed. When it falls below the gumline, the tartar becomes a tough problem to fight. Inflammation damages the teeth, causing infection. Many times, when the dental disease reaches this stage, dogs and cats experience severe dental issues. 

Factors Associated With Pet Dental Disease 

Various factors are associated with pet dental disease, including:

  • Age – Dental disease can happen as early as three years old, but it is usually more common in older dogs and cats.
  • Breed – Cat dental care is essential as Persians and other flat-faced cats and small dog breeds often have misaligned teeth that are tough to clean.
  • Diet – We’ll recommend the best food for your pets because some pet foods increase your dog or cat’s risk of dental disease. 

Symptoms of Pet Dental Disease

We check at your pet’s regular appointments for any signs of dental disease. Some of the most common symptoms of oral health problems include:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Tooth loss
  • Drooling
  • Yellow crust on the tooth surface
  • Change in chewing habits

Promoting Pet Dental Health Care At Home

Promoting your cat and dog’s dental health starts at home. You can be proactive to help prevent dental disease in many ways. 

  • Professional Dental Cleanings – We offer professional pet dental cleanings to stay on top of your dog or cat’s oral health. We use general anesthesia to clean above and below your pet’s gumline. 
  • Prescription Pet Food – We’ll help you find the best pet food to help combat dental disease. We recommend one with kibble that scrubs the tooth’s surfaces and a distinctive fibre alignment that helps the kibble scrub away plaque and tartar. 
  • Brushing Teeth – It may seem strange, but the best way to prevent oral problems is to brush your cat or dog’s teeth with pet-specific toothpaste. Many people add tuna juice or chicken broth to help the animal enjoy their pet dental health care. 

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We want to help your dog and cat have the best possible dental health. Don’t let dental costs keep you from treating your pet with the highest level of dental service. We provide low-cost dental care for dogs and cats in Asbury Park, NJ. City By The Sea Veterinary Hospital is here for you! Please contact us today to schedule an appointment at your convenience

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